"It's a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together"

I started 26 years ago working with families. My passion and my comfort zone have always been working with babies. When I started working as a newborn care specialist and sleep consultant over 12 years ago, I knew I hit the jackpot! In the last year, I wrote the book Summer’s Sleep Secrets and created a sleep consultant training course.

Babies are my passion that has now turned into the best career I’ve ever had!

My Philosophy is to create a program that is enjoyable and educational. You will learn from a different point of view with each scenario. My vision is to give you the confidence and support you will need to become a great and compassionate sleep consultant. I have a passion for helping others in my industry to be the best they can be.

What is included in the class:

  • Baby Tech Support.
  • Setting the Foundation for Sleep
  • Advance 1-
  • Six Case Studies 0-4 months
  • Advance 2-
  • Six Case Studies 5 months – 3 y/o
  • 4- Months Sleep Regression
  • Consultations
  • 4- Phone consultations cases
  • 3- In-home consultations cases
  • Sample Sleep Plans
  • Thinking Outside Box
  • Client Questionnaire
  • Research
  • How to market your company

Summer's Sleep Secrets Course With Mentoring

Summer's Sleep Secrets Course with Mentoring - This course is designed to teach Newborn to 3 years old to sleep train. You will receive our...

View bundle $997

Summer's Sleep Secrets Course Without Mentoring

This course is designed to teach Newborn to 3 years old to sleep train. You will receive our 200-page book along with the videos.

View course $697

Summer's Sleep Secrets Mentoring

This is the mentoring add-on to Summer's Sleep Secrets Course

View course $300

Summer's Marketing Secrets with KS Social Media Services

Summer and Kristi share their expertise on Marketing and Social Media

View course $50

The Parent Collaborative

The parenting collaborative is to learn about how a newborn care specialist, postpartum doula, and sleep consultants can impact your life. We have put together...

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